Confronting the ‘New’ Epidemic 

Every day in our community, hearts break as friends lose loved ones, children lose parents, and mothers lose children to substance use. Sadly, it's far too common for someone close to you to be struggling with substance use disorder.  

Amidst a concerning record high in overdose deaths nationwide, residents in Southeast Michigan are facing significant hurdles in accessing essential substance use treatment services as well as dealing with stigma, misinformation, cultural insensitivity, language barriers, limited financial resources, and non-inclusive healthcare establishments. While serving the Arab American and other vulnerable communities in Southeast Michigan for over 50 years, ACCESS has maintained a robust substance use disorder program as part of its community services, actively tackling these challenges through a range of programs.  

In the past year alone, ACCESS distributed more than 11,000 NARCAN kits, credited with saving over 1,000 lives from substance overdoses.   

We are not waiting for the Recovery Center to be built! 

It is time to take the next step.  

It Takes a Community to Build Hope for Recovery 

An unprecedented crisis needs unparalleled action and unconditional care. ACCESS is asking you to take an active role and embark on this mission with us to establish a cutting-edge substance use disorder treatment center. It is in your hands to save these lives through the power of collective giving.  

This center is specially crafted to meet the unique needs of our community, offering bilingual and culturally sensitive programming. Through a holistic approach, the center will provide a comprehensive range of services, including prevention, crisis stabilization units, short-term residential care, detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, peer recovery coach services, and care coordination. It will also offer intensive support groups, clinical therapy, pain management, and wellness programs.  

Recognizing that individuals in recovery have needs beyond medical care, ACCESS will provide a full spectrum of recovery support services, including food aid, housing support, educational resources, employment and training, legal aid, transportation assistance, and more. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the ability to pay.   

The ACCESS Recovery Center cannot become a reality without your support.   

Please donate. Your contribution WILL be the difference between life and death.  

Each life is precious, and every dollar counts.

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